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Did you know that training is an excellent way to establish a healthy relationship with your dog? It’s true, canine training is very important for building a strong friendship and complicity between dog and owner.


Especially suitable for puppies between 2 and 6 months. The period of socialization of puppies is very short. It occurs mainly between two and four months. It is in this short period of time that the puppy will absorb and forever record all the new positive and negative experiences to which it is subjected. Its future behavior will largely depend on the outcome of these experiments. If you want a self-assured, balanced and fearless dog, you should definitely bet on this service with us. The socialization of dogs, when conducted properly, will prove to be fundamental in preventing future behavioral problems. Provide your dog with a balanced life, without fears and well integrated into society.


In basic obedience classes, we mainly address some fundamental exercises that will make life easier for owners and companion dogs: knowing how to sit, lie down, stay, come to call and walk on the leash without pulling, are some of the most requested exercises. However, the exercises to be performed may meet the wishes of the owners. IRON DOG ALGARVE was considered the BEST OBEDIENCE SCHOOL IN 2019 BY THE PORTUGUESE CANICULTURE CLUB.


All students whose dogs already have previous training in basic obedience can join these classes. The class consists of a set of maintenance exercises that reproduce common day-to-day situations.


Competition is deeply ingrained in our school’s DNA. We try to direct students whose dogs have a special appetite for sport to different types of competition, especially: IGP, Mondioring and Obedience. At the same time, we can also prepare your copy and enter the test with it, in order to acquire any of the following certificates: TS, BH, IGP1, IGP2, IGP3, Korung, SPC, ZTP, COB, and levels 1, 2 and 3 of Mondioring and Obedience.


The most common behavioral problems at our school are barking for no apparent reason, separation anxiety, aggressively biting people or other animals, possessiveness over food or toys, jumping on people, doing needs where it is not supposed to, total lack of control. of the animal when walking on a leash, are just a few examples. Unfortunately, too often a dog trainer is used as a ‘last chance’ before euthanasia. Fortunately, there were many more cases where Iron Dog Algarve was able to help save and change lives forever. The sooner you ask for help, the higher the success rate. It is important to recognize the problem as soon as possible and ask for help immediately so that it is easier and faster to reverse the situation.


With the evolution of time, we realized that theoretical and practical training became a recurring request for which we had no answer until recently! We are a hands-on school, very practical, where explanations are simultaneously accompanied by execution. However, during the year 2023 we want to make several courses available on a 100% online platform where we combine the theoretical component with the practical component. At the same time, we are working hard on the launch of our course: Initial and Advanced Dog Trainer Training, certified by our school with a very intense and demanding practical component.


Exclusive service for those who don’t have much time to train their dog through face-to-face classes. Tell us what you would like your dog to learn, and we will carry out the training for you. The dog will be delivered with the required knowledge consolidated. The internship is concluded after a brief adaptation training and handover to the owner. This service requires less interaction on the part of the owner, however, it is necessary to emphasize that dogs are not machines and therefore, for the success of the internship, the involvement and dedication of the owner during the transition period is fundamental.


Many owners want their dogs to play very specific roles in protecting the owner or their property. Having worked as a K9 professional for 12 years, João will know how to direct the training in order to meet the goals established at the beginning of the training. In these classes, dogs and owners are trained in order to turn their faithful friend into a faithful and deterrent ally against intruders, invaders or robbers, stimulating and enhancing their innate instinct to protect their territory and pack.


Iron Dog Algarve is proud to have been the first school in the Algarve to offer a fixed swimming pool, with a fenced area, and a floor covered with artificial grass, exclusively for dogs. Swimming for dogs is mainly used when they need physiotherapy to recover from surgeries (hip dysplasia operations, fracture treatment, joint pain, muscle stress) but also a highly recommended activity for weight loss in obese animals, or simply as a playful activity with no impact on the maintenance of the dog’s health and physical condition, which quickly depletes their energy levels. Owners are welcome to enter the pool and service is available during the warmer months, usually between May and October.


We have hotel service for dogs upon request and availability. We also have a canine day care service for owners with busy lives who would like to provide their dog with stimulating activities, interaction with other dogs, activities on the training ground, swimming in the pool, thus expending the necessary energy. In addition to these facilities, Iron Dog Algarve has a partnership with the pet hotel PETS INN.


Seminars and conferences, public demonstrations, participation in films or commercials, dog walks, among others.


Our hydrotherapy sessions take place in an outdoor big pool measuring 10 meters by 5, between May and October months only. Sessions are done by a veterinary professional trained and experienced in hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy is a widely used technique as it is very effective. This activity is also recommended for nervous or hyperactive dogs as it relaxes them. Hydrotherapy provides increase of resistance, muscle growth, movements improvement, increased blood circulation, cardio-reinforced resistance, and it helps re-educate gait in animals with difficulties.

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